Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do you know what your children are doing?

Lately I have been doing research on children and the internet. It has become a major concern of mine. I cannot believe that more people out there are not worried about what their children are doing. I have searched some myspace profiles and find it amazing that these little girls have a myspace page, saying they are 17 years old and have profanity and older male friends on their friends lists. What are their parents doing? They are just babies. With that being said, I became more interested in how the world felt about children using the internet. I found this amazing site It has alot of great information regarding children and internet safety. Does everyone really know what their children are looking at on the internet? Being a parent, obviously protecting children has been and will always be a passion of mine. Children are innocent, angel-like beings, and need to be protected at all times. This includes school. I could hardly believe that Virginia is the ONLY state that has mandated Internet Safety Education. They have added this to their curriculum. I am curious to know why it is that no other state has this??? Does anyone else wonder? Does anyone even care? After reading this, any and all comments would be appreciated.
Here is the article I came across. I did not copy the entire article, however, it can be found at

“Everyone in the industry agrees that there is no fool-proof technology that 100% protects minors from inappropriate content, predators and cyber-bullying online,” says Greg Writer, CEO of the Children’s Educational Network. “However, parents and children have access to tools and educational content that creates a safer browsing experience on the Web. As a society we need to take charge and motivate children to become empowered and informed Internet citizens. Education is the solution. We need to take a page from the State of Virginia’s book and enact legislation that will implement mandatory Internet safety curriculum in schools nationwide.”
So far, only the State of Virginia has mandated Internet Safety Education into their curriculum and only Children’s Educational Network provides technology along with parent and child education. Where is the outrage? Educate to protect, that’s the solution! That’s what this study says without saying it, and without mandating it".

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Debs said...

I've been saying for years that schools can do a lot to help children understand the perils of the internet. Personally I think there should be a lot more available for parents (and force them if you have to) to be aware and protect our kids.

My daughter has bebo/fb etc but only under supervision and providing the keeps to the rules (which i check daily) she is not feeling left out when her friends talk about such sites.

There is a lot us parents can do, if only the time and effort is put into it.