Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My thoughts get the best of me

God tends to lead us down many paths, however, he gives us free will. I know I have learned from the choices that I have made. I have met some new people, have a few of the old friends that I've always had, realized people are never really who they appear to be, good fruit comes from good trees (a verse easily said, however, not easily remembered), family isn't always there for you, and sometimes they never were. This is a harsh concept to acknowledge.

Life is a continuous journey.
The human race is not perfect, nor are we supposed to be. Time does tend to change a multitude of things, however, too much time can change the rest of our lives.

The most important things in life do actually come free, not from selfishness though. Love is not love unless its shared. This is actually correct. You cannot receive love if its not given to you. One cannot also just give love and never learn how to receive it. It creates dilemmas.

The past is the past, however, if you don't work through your past, then it becomes your future.

One's actions does actually define them as a person. Whether a person is confused, sad, happy, and whatever other emotion an individual goes through, its important to not act on every little emotion.

Being kind is the first step. One cannot always just say exactly what their thinking to the majority. One always must paraphrase to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Do not harm or be harmful to another. Do not lie. Lies are harmful. This, too, is an easy concept to understand and it makes sense, however, its not easy to follow through with this.

When you practice being kind, then you become kind. When you practice being silent and not opening your mouth to offer your "not-so" needed opinion every time, then you become silent.

Please do not misunderstand what I'm saying. Its okay to offer your opinion, and normally whenever you deem it necessary, just make sure its valid. Do not argue with others. Its pointless and takes up a lot of time, wasted time.

Listening instead of talking is very important. You can really get to know how people are if you just listen. You can also learn new and interesting things that you may not have known.

Listen to your children when they want to tell you what they have learned, how they are feeling, their outlook on the world, or a website they have discovered while surfing the net, etc.

You may even get to know the little person that is in your child. You may be able to help your child/children become better people. God knows, society could always use a little help in that area.

I have been practicing these things in my own every day life. Of course, I mess it up, who wouldn't? I admit that I'm not perfect, nor anywhere near that.

Improving yourself takes time. And its well worth the time that it takes. We were given a lifetime for this, so who wouldn't have the time to do it?

I have noticed a lot of individuals on the Internet whom blog, whether it be yahoo, msn, blogspot, twitter, myspace, etc. particularly use their blog spots to "bash" people. They use their time for creating followers.

Follow or To Follow is defined as "emulate; to accept as a guide or leader." With that being said, the "bashing" creates followers. Followers then add the same kind of opinion that the "leader" has chosen.

The leader and the followers proceed to "join" together "bashing" an individual whom they don't even know, yet will say harsh things regarding an individual. And so on........ It becomes a vicious cycle. Then it is out of control. And is not stopped until the next "bashing" session. And there continues to be more. And so on.......

What would happen if blogs were written in the positive context? People do not want to read your blog, nor do they have a comment.

An old saying, "Ignorance is bliss," should always be remembered.

History continues to repeat itself; people will rarely stay positive, and rarely learn from their mistakes.

Would it be so complicated for everyone to get along?
To keep thoughts sometimes to themselves?
To not post a variety of negativity all over the Internet?
To work through issues together and not include the majority of the population on the Internet?

And to stop and think, our children, our next generation, the ones whom will take over where we leave off, are reading all of our negativity.

Great job to all the adults, we've really shown our children how to respond to situations and to be kind, loving, patient, and giving. We are excellent role models!

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Debs said...

Wow girl, you put it so well there. I use many if not all of those tips to live by and guide me when facing difficult or uncertain trials/situations.
The world is full of people who feel their 'right' is to spurn out all kind of opinions, hate and negativity in the name of free agency but rarely are they the kind of people that can reap what they sow.
There is a lot of good content and advice in this post, which i know i'll be pondering for a while now!!


Ericka said...
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Ericka said...

I give you props on this. You were gettin it girl. I think every American needs to read this.

erickablasi said...

About 8 days ago I set out looking to get this kind of truth from somebody, anybody, that came along and, was willing to "raddle" they're brain, even a little.
However, I have read this before; says the above comment however, never as "I just read it." Now, if somethins ever hit you hard twice, & you didn't look up till the third time, you'll know exactly what I'm talkin about. It was all there, it wasn't only there; it was there as promised. This is so much bigger than myself which, I'm sure is an "easy concept" to understand only, hard to remember.
I'm just in ah right now, this was written like three yrs ago but, I never let any of this sink in the way it just did. I almost feel it was written for me. I'm gonna save this, I'm sure it will definitely be needed where I'm headed.
Your awesome!
Love you. :)